Illicit Cryptomining is the Next Cyber Concern

Just when you thought that ransomware was your top security concern comes news of an even more insidious threat and its one that can shut down your business with no warning at all.


Companies Prepare for Continuing Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks have been very much in the news, especially since the most recent and well-publicized of these, the Wannacry attack. Wannacry occurred in May of 2017 and targeted computers using Microsoft Windows operating systems located in both private companies and government operations worldwide.


4 Tips to Stay Safer in the Cloud

There are four key areas through which you can mitigate the risks of cloud computing: the contract, due diligence, incident response procedures and good insurance.


11 Tips to Stay Safe on the Ski Slopes

If you're skiing this season, take a minute to make sure your travel insurance is all in order - and make time to talk through some winter sports safety points* with your family or group.


The Unique Cyber Risks Facing Children of Affluent Families

Children's online activities not only have implications for cyber security but can also create liability exposures.


Chocolate teapots

Is your policy a chocolate teapot? Pointless, inadequate, can't take the heat? But according to London's The Telegraph, they CAN be of some use for about 2 minutes.


Big is a Business Issue

Could obesity affect your business insurance?


5 tips for buying art

If you love modern art, you'll love these great tips from R L Sparks and Charlotte Perman, Private Collection curators for Martin Lawrence Galleries (MLG) in New York.


Nothing Personal?

Board members of arts organizations are held, at an unprecedented level, to be personally responsible for the actions and decisions they take on behalf of the organization.


Could co-insurance clauses sink your arts organization in a claim?

If this clause is applied by insurers in the event of a claim, it means that where the sum insured is inadequate (i.e you're under-insured), the insurer can reduce its liability for a claim.


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