Treasure Your Treasures

Treasure Your Treasures

Have you checked the small print on your insurance policy recently?
Your jewelry may not be as safe as you thought…

“Over the last 2 years we’ve seen a rise of up to 12% in jewelry values” - La Playa’s Private Client Director, Mike Talyor-West, advises that “A quick review could save you thousands on an inadequate claims settlement.”

If you took the “easy” option and bought home insurance from your mortgage lender or a high street insurer, and you own antique or designer jewelry, it may be time to upgrade to a specialist policy.

A small number of carriers provide specialist policies for discerning homeowners, which offer:

  1. Lower rates: with individual risk assessments, the carrier gets a more accurate picture and you don’t pay for others’ carelessness.
  2. No restrictive small print: jewelry on your dressing table may be uninsured on a standard homeowners policy - many carry small print clauses that nullify the cover for jewelry not being worn or in a safe.
  3. Choice of jeweler for repair/replacement – would vouchers for a high-street outlet really replace your precious pieces? Some carriers insist you use their supplier to keep their costs down.
  4. Valuation advice: gold and gem prices change with fashion and trends – without good advice you could be paying too much or be under-insured. After a theft, the last thing you need is a tussle over the value of each lost piece.
  5. Extra covers: if you lose one earring the carrier will replace both. And the carrier pays the pre-agreed value regardless of subsequent wear and tear or depreciation.
  6. Cash claims settlement: valuable pieces cannot easily be replaced – or it may take time. Specialist policies pay out claims in cash, so you can choose whether/how to replace.

Protecting Your Jewelry

  • Storage: to prevent scratching, store jewelry in a box. Diamonds in particular may scratch other items, and pearls scratch easily and are best stored separately.
  • Cleaning: a regular soak in warm soapy water is usually best. Use a soft natural-bristle brush for cleaning open-set jewelry, but never wash pearls, opals or turquoises which are porous and susceptible to scratching. Don’t clean gold with abrasive powders - use proprietary dips. Foil-set stones (i.e. with enclosed backs) should not be dipped.
  • Day-to-day: keep jewelry away from unsuitable materials such as household cleaners which can damage the surface and clog up the back of rings, dulling the “patina” and shine.
  • Going out: put jewelry on last. Perfumes and sprays leave a film on the surface, which may dull the sparkle.
  • Maintenance: day-to-day wear and tear can loosen settings - have settings checked every 12 months.
  • Security: have your jewelry invisibly marked and registered on a database. This will help police recovery and speed up insurance claims. Take a digital photograph of higher value pieces.

Make sure your home insurance allows you to enjoy your jewelry in your everyday life – rather than keeping it under lock and key.

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Specialist & Independent

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