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Fintech Insurance

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The advent of fintech has disrupted archaic markets, flustered regulators and created a brave new world of risk for its participants.

From smart wallets and financial software to next-generation algorithms, we’ve got you covered. Whatever region of the fintech universe you occupy, let us help you bullet-proof your business to control risk, build confidence and enhance your investor attraction.

What if…?
  • Your technology fails, leaving customers up in arms?
  • Your network gets hacked, compromising users’ data?
  • You breach a Merchant Services Agreement and face costs/penalties?
  • cyber attack hits your revenues?
  • You’re on the sharp end of an intellectual property lawsuit?
  • Your C-suite faces legal action from disgruntled shareholders or investors?
The promise of fintech is plain to see. But working in this new environment exposes you to new types of risk where specialist insurance solutions are a prerequisite. Heavy reliance on data, technology and infrastructure, changes in regulatory structures and the shadowy threat of cyber risks heap unpredictability and uncertainty on any new entrant to this space.
Starting-up? Let us provide a free Enterprise Risk Review; an in-depth analysis of your insurance needs, now and in the future – tailored to your business, and fully-costed to present to your investors.
Fintech Cyber Risks Insurance
The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) carries profound risk and insurance implications for transatlantic businesses. After its enforcement in 2018, a breach of the regulations could be crippling. It’s not just about regulatory investigations and lawsuits from customers – a data breach can also leave you facing:
• Enforced breach notification costs
• Fines & penalties up to €20m or, if larger, 4% of global turnover
• Loss of revenue (e.g. Denial of Service attack prevents trading)
• Reputational ruin
If you don't already have Fintech Cyber Insurance, now is the time!

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Tech-based business is 24/7, global and borderless, always exposing you to new risks and liabilities - often in unfamiliar places. As the law struggles to keep pace with technology, insurance can provide a real safety net if you fall foul of changing legislation.

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