If you’re skiing this season, take a minute to make sure your travel insurance is all in order – and make time to talk through some winter sports safety points* with your family or group.

Despite the safe ‘bubble’ feeling on the slopes these days, you’re still at the mercy of the elements and the weather – and as we’ve seen recently, accidents and avalanches are a real threat.

Even the most competent skiers and snowboarders can be involved in collisions or accidents. Read our top tips for staying safe on the slopes*:

  1. Take out the right winter sports travel insurance package and keep hold of your travel insurance medical emergency helpline number – as well as your policy number. Many of our policies include Winter Sports – with others it’s an option.
  2. Make sure your skiing or boarding equipment, whether your own or hired, is in good order. It should fit your height, weight and skill level.
  3. Wear protective headgear or a helmet – make helmets mandatory for your children.
  4. Take lessons if you’ve never skied before. If you haven’t been on the piste for a while, a lesson or two will polish up your skills.
  5. Remember that skiers or boarders in front or below you on the piste have right of way.
  6. Know your limits – ski or snowboard to your skill level.
  7. Respect the mountain and obey all warning signs – especially during avalanche season.
  8. Never go off-piste unless you are authorised to do so by the resort. Your insurance won’t cover off-piste skiing unless you’re accompanied by a qualified guide.
  9. Carry a fully-charged mobile phone with you.
  10. Don’t drink and ski. A glass of wine or beer with your lunch is fine, but excess alcohol will slow your reactions and affect your observation and balance.

Many of La Playa’s home policies include winter sports travel insurance, but do check – and be aware that if you go off piste, you’re not covered!

Happy ski-ing!

To talk through your travel or home insurance, contact Charlene Gill.  Our advice is always free and without obligation.

*with thanks to Aviva