TOP TIP:  as well as Cyber Risks Insurance you need separate coverage for Crime to give financial protection for theft of money and fraud, including phishing scams, electronic wire transfer fraud, telephone hacking and social engineering.

If you don’t already have Cyber Risks and Crime Insurance, talk to us as a matter of urgency – my advice is always free and without obligation.


The majority of small businesses have had their digital defences breached in the past year. It’s vital to protect your intellectual property, business information and customer data against online theft and exploitation. Read on for a basic checklist on preparing for a cyber attack:

  1. Risk assessment on security and the “what ifs” for your business
  2. Security controls: maintain, regularly update and stress-test them
  3. Incident response plan: create and share it, and make sure you have the right professional help at the ready
  4. External back up systems in place
  5. Educate and train all staff to reduce human error
  6. Cyber Risks AND Crime Insurance:

To talk through your data risks, and review your Cyber Insurance, just email me – Charlene Gill or call on 646 665 7737.

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If you’re organising events this year, it’s worth considering the impact if they were cancelled – do you need Cancellation Insurance to protect your finances?

Cancellation insurance is an affordable, flexible solution; you can insure any portion of your budget – and opt to insure the key risks that would hit your bottom line the hardest.

4 Top Tips on Cancellation Insurance

  1. Insure against specific risks: what’s your worst “what if”? Venue closure due to fire, flood, failure of safety curtain, sanitation problems or access being denied (e.g.: if the area is cordoned off by the police)? Non-appearance of artists due to illness, injury or travel delays? Terrorist attack or threat at the venue or in the vicinity? Adverse weather for outdoor events? A water-logged site deemed too dangerous by the Health & Safety officer, or staging declared unsafe due to high winds?
  2. Insure a specific period of time.
  3. Insure specific parts of your budget: areas where cancellation would really impact your revenue – for example your highest earning tour, or your biggest performer.
  4. Get the cover in place in good time: 3 months in advance for better rates – but 14 days as a minimum.

I’ve you’ve got questions about cancellation insurance for your event, get in touchanytime.

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