A circus training school has been accused of a total of 127 different sexual and physical abuse offenses against children. The New York Metropolitan Opera’s longtime conductor stepped down after having been accused of sexually abusing teens decades ago while he was the director of a Michigan school of music’s summer program.

Arts organizations around the world offer programming for young people that provide benefits to both the participants and the providers. For the children, engagement in performing arts and fine art programs promotes creativity and cultivates self-expression. It can inspire and nurture burgeoning talent and provide a new way of viewing the world, while the organization can benefit from the infusion of enthusiasm and energy – as well as the financial boost. But with all of the rewards provided by intergenerational engagement, there are also risks. Young people can be vulnerable to the same types of injuries that adults are, but the program offering them access has a higher degree of responsibility for their welfare. Equally concerning is the risk of abuse, molestation and sexual harassment. As a result, organizations need to be proactive in the assessment of their risk, and in managing it. This means having both a risk management program in place and ensuring that your insurance policy is comprehensive.

Having a risk management program in place is an explicit recognition that young people are not considered capable of reasoning like an adult, and that the elements of risk that they bring are recognized by your organization. These risks can be from peer-on-peer interactions, student/employee interactions, premises exposure and more. In the face of litigation, having policies in place is a demonstration that you care and worked to prevent harm from taking place. Your risk management program not only protects your reputation, but also works to prevent the types of losses that can result in rate increases or non-renewal of insurance policies, and should include:

Beyond policies, it is also essential that your insurance policy specifically addresses the unique liabilities involving children. Coverage to be considered includes:

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