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La Playa’s Elaine Lamb considers the insurance implications for US businesses looking to expand into the UK.

With London voted #1 European city for business for over twenty years, US companies are taking advantage of its stability and favorable tax regimes to set up operations in the UK. But how much do you know about UK insurance requirements? London is the ‘cradle’ of insurance and the industry is regulated with a strong arm by the Financial Conduct Authority. Some coverages are mandatory – and some are just plain common sense. Some you may need from day one, others you’ll need to consider as your risk exposures change with the growth and development of your business. There are also some coverages available that you simply can’t buy in the US.

What if…

…your online content breached laws in the UK that you never knew existed?
…your US broker thought your UK broker had it covered?
…or vice versa?

La Playa is an award-winning independent insurance broker with offices in New York and London. We’re one of the few specialist brokers who can look after your operations on both sides of the Atlantic – and deliver boutique-style service.

We’ve created this guide as a convenient, plain-English explanation of essential insurance components for businesses looking to expand to the UK

FREE white paper on risk and insurance: Doing Business in the UK.