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Umbrella Liability

Do you have a cleaner? Own a dog? Are you active on Twitter? Serve as a non-profit trustee?

As you accumulate wealth and standing in your community, your personal liability risks may not be covered by your Homeowners’ Insurance – we strongly recommend an “Umbrella” or Excess Liability policy to provide an extra umbrella of coverage where property and auto insurance ‘max out’. It only takes a cleaner, nanny or dog walker to slip on a path – and no amount of goodwill will compensate a debilitating injury. Excess Liability Insurance is a critical but often overlooked component of a personal insurance portfolio.

Busy people are increasingly employing domestic staff - cleaners, gardeners, nannies - to simplify their lives. Employing staff and hosting public events bring liabilities: what if someone were injured or had belongings damaged on your property?

Everywhere you look, there are liabilities:

  • Owning a home
  • Driving a car
  • Kids who drive or are away at school
  • Employing domestic staff – a housekeeper or nanny
  • Entertaining guests at home
  • Blogging, Tweeting or posting comments online
  • Having a swimming pool or trampoline
  • Serving on a non-profit association’s board

You don't have to be a millionaire to be sued like one. An Excess Liability policy from a quality insurer provides a number of important coverages - bodily injury, property damage, even libel or slander. It also protects against legal suits for damages, even if the suit is groundless, false or fraudulent.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), an estimated 4.7 million Americans are bitten by a dog each year. Many standard homeowner policies exclude coverage for certain breeds of dogs. A heads-up for dog-owners!

Personal Liability covers you for injury or damage you may cause to people or property anywhere in the world (eg: your golf ball strikes and injures somebody, or you injure somebody whilst jet-skiing).

Owners' Liability covers you for injury to people whilst on your property (eg: a member of the public falls over at an event - perhaps a charity day, or whilst your gardens are opened to the public).

Workers' Compensation covers you for injury caused to cleaners, gardeners, forestry workers, nannies and other domestic staff.

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La Playa's Personal Risk Concierge service means advice
you can trust - from an expert who understands you:

  • Specialist, global policies for affluent lifestyles
  • Independent, expert advice
  • Boutique–style, luxury service
  • “Can do” culture
  • Worldwide capability with offices in New York & London

As an independent broker, we can advise on the best policies available - and on risk management measures including valuations, security, fire prevention and property marking - preserving the value of your property and giving you complete peace of mind. We have access to excellent terms with high net worth insurers including Chubb, Hiscox and Hartford.

We can help with insuring...

La Playa’s Personal Risk Concierge means:

Careful listening to really understand your needs and priorities

As much help as you need with completing forms to provide risk information

A discreet and complimentary appraisal* of your property to assess the risks and ensure you have the right cover where you need it

An independent market review - so you don’t have to shop around comparing policies, cover limits, risks covered and smallprint exclusions

Careful monitoring of the insurers’ financial strength, claims and customer service

An independent recommendation of the best policy for you - and why

Specialist policy wordings from underwriters who have demonstrated excellence and deep understanding of your risk exposures. We have analyzed a wide range of policy wordings and have selected only the best for our panel. Our advisors have a deep working knowledge of these policies

An intelligently designed portfolio of protection across multiple asset classes and territories

Advice on how best to manage your risks - to keep you safe but also to keep insurance costs down

A dedicated advisor so you can speak to the same person each time.

Expert guidance on valuations, security and risk management, and connecting you with specialist advisers and suppliers

Direct phone and email access to your adviser for questions and advice. We aim to pick up calls within 3 rings and to respond to emails within 60 minutes

Policy documents emailed to you - no logins and passwords to remember

An advocate beside you if you make a claim - thinking laterally to mitigate the impact, making useful connections to get you back up and running, and driving through a swift financial settlement

No call centers, hold music, hidden fees. with La Playa, you are our most important client.*subject to availability with our insurer panel

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