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A Safety Net - International Clinical Trials Magazine, Article by Hanna Beaumont [read more]

Insurance has responded to changes in the clinical trials landscape, and has evolved in many ways to perform in a crisis. An article written by Hanna Beaumont, Director of Science & Technology. This article is taken from International Clinical Trials September 2018, pages 48-50. © Samedan Ltd

The Smart CFO's Guide to Cyber Insurance [read more]

Cyber Risk and how to protect your business

Science & Technology Brochure [read more]

Innovating at pace, your business is exposed to a unique range of risks. Risks that change constantly as legislation tries to keep pace. Operating online? Then the risks are global. Which is why you need a partner who really understands the risks and pressures you face and can get you that bullet-proof protection.

Our Guide to Pension Auto Enrolment [read more]

When the Pensions Rules changed in 2012, all businesses, big and small are moving over to the new system. Our financial management team can help you navigate the ins and outs of Pension Auto Enrolment.

Commercial Insurance Application [read more]

For United Kingdom Research & Development Companies

Pension Portal: Auto-Enrolment for Media, Technology & Science Businesses [read more]

Our flexible, modular programme Pension Portal enables you to pay as you go. Based on headcount, our staged payment programme keeps you compliant with legislation - without breaking the bank.

Employment Tribunal Rough Justice [read more]

There is a worrying trend in Employment Tribunals where the case for discrimination has been successfully made without actual evidence. Do you have Employment Practice Liability Insurance?

4 Tips to Stay Safer in the Cloud [read more]

Your data may be in the cloud but your risks are fully grounded, make sure your cloud has the silver lining to protect against those rainy days.

Deliver what your competitors don't. Expert relationships [read more]

Helping your clients connect with the right insurance advice is a great way to add value to your existing relationship.

Fraud at Work [read more]

Despite the best recruitment practices, bad apples can and do get into the cart. Fraud in the workplace manifests itself in various ways, should you be concerned?

The La Playa Culture [read more]

Beach Life. At La Playa we feel our culture is really important to us. It sets us apart from other workplaces.

Insurance is a bit like pizza... [read more]

Our classic dough base includes the essential covers you'll need (Employers' Liability etc), topped with standard toppings like Business Interruption, Cyber Liability and finished with zingy specialist protection tailored for your business risk (Product Trials etc)

Tactical Litigation [read more]

Don't be outflanked by a contractual partner stealing a march on you. Tactical Litigation is often their surprise move when they want out of a contractual obligation. Know the signs and read these case studies

La Playa Science & Technology Service Brochure [read more]

A brochure outlining our services for those operating in the science & technology sectors.

20 Steps to Bullet-Proof Your Business [read more]

The building blocks of insurance for early-stage science & technology companies in the UK.

Internet v Cyber Liability Insurance [read more]

What`s the difference?

Without specialist insurance, it`s a gamble [read more]

It pays to get specialist advice and support from an expert life science broker, one that`s independent, innovative and focused on your needs.

The Essential Guide to Cyber Liability [read more]

Find out what your key risk areas are, and how to structure your cyber insurance to get protection that will pay out in a claim.

Mission Statement [read more]

La Playa's mission statement. Find out what makes us tic.

Cyber Liability Insurance [read more]

Open for business online? Then you`re vulnerable. Globally. The convergence of technology, media and telecommunications means your business can connect with much wider markets for your goods and services than previously thought possible. But with new technology comes new risk. . .

Lab Portfolio: innovative insurance for R&D firms [read more]

Lab Portfolio is a specialist insurance policy for start-up, early stage and SME research and development businesses.

Doing Business in the USA? [read more]

Matthew Clark, Director of Science & Technology, examines some critical insurance implications.

Business Interruption [read more]

Where`s the weak link in your operations?

Mergers & Acquisitions [read more]

Do you know how you can ring-fence your M&A risks?

Professional Indemnity Insurance [read more]

Ctrl Z. Quick-thinking insurance to undo costly errors. For science & technology professionals

Professional Indemnity Insurance Advice [read more]

Allegations of professional negligence, breach of contract, misrepresentation, error or omission can land you in court. You don`t want to end up there, do you?

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance [read more]

La Playa's datasheet on D&O Insurance

Nanotechnology Insurance [read more]

La Playa's datasheet for nanotechnology sector clients.

Nanomaterials - are they insurable? [read more]

Is it possible to insure products that use or contain nanotechnology? What are the key challenges and how can they be overcome? This article by La Playa's Matthew Clark explores some of the key issues. Reproduced by kind permission of Chemical Watch Research & Publishing.

Nanoproducts - if you build it, will they insure it? [read more]

Presentation delivered by La Playa's Matthew Clark at a conference titled "Risk Management for Nanobusinesses" for the Institute of Nanotechnology - London, May 2008

Cleantech - what does it mean to you? [read more]

"Cleantech" defies simple definition because it's constantly evolving. And with new technology comes new risk. From solar power to smart electricals - from the uncommon and unorthodox to the downright weird, our insurance solutions are as unique as your science.

Services for Science Parks & Incubators [read more]

La Playa's services for science parks and incubators

La Playa Investor Programmes [read more]

La Playa's services for science & technology venture capitalists and angel investors

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