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Non-Appearance and Cancellation Insurance

Does the thought of event cancellation or the non-appearance of a key performer bring out a cold sweat? With the increasingly unpredictable weather, terrorist threats and travel disruption, arts and entertainment companies are shoring themselves up with Cancellation Insurance and Cast and Crew Insurance (see also Cancellation Insurance for Artist Managers).

What is Cancellation Insurance?
Cancellation cover replaces lost revenue and reimburses expenditure incurred from an event which is necessarily and unavoidably postponed, abandoned, cancelled, curtailed or relocated in circumstances beyond your control.

What if...

  • A performer cancels due to illness or injury?
  • A band can't perform because of travel delays?
  • Adverse weather forces your event to be cancelled?
  • A terrorist attack occurs at the venue / in the vicinity?

With Non-Appearance and Cancellation Insurance you can protect income that depends on the event going ahead, or just cover specific costs such as venue hire, artist accommodation, travel and marketing. Even if it's a free event with no ticket revenue at stake, Cancellation Insurance can cover incurred expenditure.

What can be covered with Cancellation Insurance?

  • Your irrecoverable costs & expenses
  • Loss of revenue or net profit
  • Additional expenses to reduce a loss
  • Damages resulting from failure to vacate a venue for which you are legally liable under contract
  • Future event protection to minimise adverse effect on subsequent events in a series

You can also extend your Event Cancellation Insurance cover to include:

  • Terrorism
  • Enforced Reduced Attendance if a specific incident impacts on attendance

Pre-existing medical conditions, lack of interest/ticket sales, and financial insolvency of the parties are standard exclusions - and pencilled dates without contracts or letters of agreement cannot be claimed.

Question: Do you know your legal obligations regarding ticket refunds? Do you have an explicit policy in place - and is it appropriate?

Find out more about Cancellation cover and what to consider with our guide on How to...Avoid the Top 6 Cancellation Blunders.

How much does it cost?

Cancellation Insurance is highly flexible, and can be customised to your needs. You can choose both the sum insured and period of the policy, which could be 12 months, or just specific dates. You might opt to include only your soloists.

The premium is a rate percent of the total sum insured. This can range from 1.00% to 3.5% - depending on factors like artists' ages, cancellation loss history, level of income generation, and whether the event is indoors/outdoors.

Cancellation insurance


Adverse weather

An outdoor opera company cancelled two performances due to floods as neither audience nor orchestra could access the site since all approach roads were under water.

Non appearance

An opera singer fell ill with laryngitis days before a European festival appearance. A last minute replacement was found, contracted and travelled in time to make rehearsals and the performance.

Travel delays

A leading orchestra arrived at London Heathrow prior to an international tour to find the airport closed due to a strike. Cancellation of the tour would have cost GBP 35,000 and so insurers paid for the orchestra to be transported to London Gatwick, where a private plane was chartered to fly them to the first country of the tour.


A US string quartet was due to play at London's Wigmore Hall three days after 9/11 and with all flights out of New York grounded they were unable to travel, forcing cancellation of the concert.

Cancellation insurance case study

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The arts present a very specific set of risk exposures – and now your digital and online risks can expose you globally. We understand the risks and pressures you face - and we speak your language. We’ll support you with great advice - helping you make good decisions for your organisation.

Our policies can help streamline costs, and we’ll always help you stay ahead of the game in managing risk. The show must always go on - insurance isn’t just about processing a claim, it’s about thinking laterally to solve challenges and problems fast.

At La Playa, we’re passionate about the arts and creative industries – many of us are practitioners and active consumers; in fact, La Playa founded the first ever corporate art collective!

As a Lloyd's broker, La Playa has solutions for even the most complex risks, and our services also include Business Protection and Employee Benefits. But what does "Boutique Service" actually look like?

The La Playa Way: Your Personal Risk Concierge

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Careful listening to really understand your needs and priorities


As much help as you need with completing forms to provide risk information


A discreet and complimentary appraisal* to assess the risks and ensure you have the right coverage where you need it


An independent market review - so you don’t have to shop around comparing policies, cover limits, risks covered and smallprint exclusions


Careful monitoring of the carriers’ financial strength, claims and customer service


An independent recommendation of the best policy for you - and why


Specialist policy wordings from underwriters who have demonstrated excellence and deep understanding of your risk exposures. We have analyzed a wide range of policy wordings and have selected only the best for our panel. Our advisers have a deep working knowledge of these policies
*subject to insurer availability


An intelligently designed portfolio of protection across multiple asset classes, liabilities and territories


Advice on how best to manage your risks - to keep you safe but also to keep insurance costs down


A dedicated adviser so you can speak to the same person each time.


Expert guidance on valuations, security and risk management, and connecting you with specialist advisers and suppliers


Direct phone and email access to your adviser for questions and advice.


Policy documents emailed to you - no logins and passwords to remember


An advocate beside you if you make a claim - thinking laterally to mitigate the impact, making useful connections to get you back up and running, and driving through a swift financial settlement

...and more. La Playa’s Personal Risk Concierge promises only the best,
ensuring that every client we work with is given utmost priority.
No call centres, hold music, hidden fees. with La Playa, you are our most important client.

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