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Travel & Personal Accident Insurance

Every business should protect its most valuable asset: its people. So why not offer them the best possible protection?

What if?

your curator is injured abroad and requires 2 months’ recuperation? How do you minimise the disruption to your business that's caused by the absence?

your gallery manager falls ill abroad, just days before he was due to sign a major new contract for an exhibition? How do you take care of your valuable employee and still secure the contract?

Five reasons why you shouldn't be without Business Travel and Personal Accident Cover:

  • Expansion: with international expansion comes more overseas travel by staff. It’s essential to carry insurance against travel contingencies – lost baggage, cancellation, illness & accident.
  • Instant support & rapid settlement: with access to 24/7 assistance services in case of emergency, you staff can access policy benefits instantly from anywhere in the world.
  • Recruiting the best staff: you can ‘ramp up’ cover for your senior staff, differentiating your benefits package and helping you to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Business as usual: with Personal Accident lump sum payments made directly to the business,you can use the money as you wish – recruitment, an interim replacement or changes to the workplace to accommodate a disabled employee.
  • Terrific Value: La Playa’s comprehensive, group policies start from as little as £250 per annum*.

* insurance premium tax in addition.

If something does go wrong abroad, you want your claim to be paid in full and without fuss. Read our tips on how to get your travel insurance claim paid to find out what you can do.

Travel & Personal Accident Insurance

Claim 1

A director travelled to Malaysia on business. While he was there, an explosion occurred at his accommodation; this resulted in him suffering 48% burns to his head, face, arms and back. Due to the severity of his injuries two family members were flown out to be with the claimant. Following his admission to hospital the claimant passed away due to the injuries suffered from the accident. His insurance was for Personal Accident and Business Travel, and a claim was paid for the appropriate benefits under the Personal Accident policy, plus costs incurred under the Medical section, including the travel, sustenance and accommodation expenses of the two relatives. Additionally, the Personal Effects that were destroyed in the explosion were also paid for.

Total claim: £580,000

Claim 2

An employee for a passenger shipping company was rendered paraplegic after a horrific car accident. Contact was made with his consultant to determine if the condition was permanent. As soon as this was established, the claim was settled for the permanent total disablement benefit, payable under the policy.

Total claim: £195,000

Claim 3

An employee travelled to Spain; whilst walking out one evening she was run over and tragically, she passed away. Due to the circumstances of the incident her parents travelled out to Spain. Her Personal Accident insurance paid out full benefits, and the travel, sustenance and accommodation expenses of her parents. Under the Business Travel section of the policy this also provided cover for Legal Expenses to pursue a claim against a third party who had caused bodily injury. This was pursued and was successful in claiming damages from the responsible third party.

Total claim: £83,000

Claim 4

An employee of a large bank was injured in the 7/7 bombings in London. She suffered permanent partial injuries, but the precise nature of such injuries would normally take some time to establish. In order to provide a quick resolution, the nature of her injuries were determined as soon as possible in liaison with the consultants and the Insurer was able to make an earlier offer to help her move on with her life.

Total claim: £75,000

*Claims provided by Chubb Insurance

Travel & Personal Accident Insurance

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Specialist & Independent

Our in-depth understanding of the unique risk exposures in the art world means we speak your language - and we can save you time and hassle in the event of a claim. Our expertise is backed up with efficient and highly personal service and our wealth of experience spans over 50 years..

Whatever your specialism, we’ll take a creative and innovative approach to structuring your Fine Arts insurance programme and select for you an insurer who demonstrates understanding and experience of your field. We’ll support you with great advice - helping you manage your risks and make good decisions to protect your organization or collection.

At La Playa, we’re passionate about the arts and creative industries – many of us are practitioners and active consumers; in fact, La Playa founded the first ever corporate art collective.

As a Lloyd's broker, La Playa has solutions for even the most complex risks, and our services also include Business Protection and Employee Benefits. But what does "Boutique Service" actually look like?

The La Playa Way: Your Personal Risk Concierge

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Careful listening to really understand your needs and priorities


As much help as you need with completing forms to provide risk information


A discreet and complimentary appraisal* to assess the risks and ensure you have the right cover where you need it


An independent market review - so you don’t have to shop around comparing policies, cover limits, risks covered and smallprint exclusions


Careful monitoring of the carriers’ financial strength, claims and customer service


An independent recommendation of the best policy for you - and why


Specialist policy wordings from underwriters who have demonstrated excellence and deep understanding of your risk exposures. We have analyzed a wide range of policy wordings and have selected only the best for our panel. Our advisers have a deep working knowledge of these policies
*subject to insurer availability


An intelligently designed portfolio of protection across multiple asset classes, liabilities and territories


Advice on how best to manage your risks - to keep you safe but also to keep insurance costs down


A dedicated adviser so you can speak to the same person each time.


Expert guidance on valuations, security and risk management, and connecting you with specialist advisers and suppliers


Direct phone and email access to your adviser for questions and advice.


Policy documents emailed to you - no logins and passwords to remember


An advocate beside you if you make a claim - thinking laterally to mitigate the impact, making useful connections to get you back up and running, and driving through a swift financial settlement

...and more. La Playa’s Personal Risk Concierge promises only the best,
ensuring that every client we work with is given utmost priority.
No call centres, hold music, hidden fees. with La Playa, you are our most important client.

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